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Teracy-django-html5-boilerplate v0.1.0 Release

After more than 3 months since the project was started, today we’re very happy to announce teracy-django-html5-boilerplate v0.1.0 release.

The project mission is to port html5-boilerplate1 to Django development so that every Django project could take and use it with ease, flexibility and customization by its needs.

This milestone release is just small enough to introduce:

  • base.html with context variables and blocks that gives much flexibility for customization

  • a context processor to handle some fixed settings for context variables so that you don’t have to (re)define it all the time from views.

We’re still far from the completed mission, the next version with v0.2.0 we would like to include (almost) all the provided assets from html5-boilerplate and explore each items for Django development.

This initial milestone release is stable enough for simple usage, stay tuned with our upcoming releases. You are all more than welcome to contribute to the project. Please fork it, hack it and make pull requests!

In the meantime, you could grab it here at https://github.com/teracy-official/django-html5-boilerplate

We also released it to pypi2 at https://pypi.python.org/pypi/teracy-django-html5-boilerplate

Have a nice day and happy hacking!

  1. http://html5boilerplate.com

  2. https://pypi.python.org/pypi