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Keep, Share and Manage Top Secret Resources With Git-encrypt and Gitolite

Recently, we have a problem of top secret resources sharing that we need to resolve. Let me start by a story.

As a startup of 2 co-founders, we have common top secret resources to be shared with each other. These common resources include credentials of many services (email, VPS, social networks, etc.), secret plan, road-map and secret documentation files. And we need to find a way to keep, share and manage these resources securely.

Our requirements include:

  • encryption is a must
  • backup strategy is a must
  • version control is a should
  • keep, share and manage easily is a should

“Encryption” and “version control” requirements lead us to git-encrypt1, it’s not perfect but it works.

“Backup strategy” requirement leads us to keeping this secret git repository on a VPS, so we decided to install gitolite2 on the VPS because with gitolite, we could manage the security layer and git repository permissions more easily, we don’t want to mess with linux permissions. For more details, please head to: http://git-scm.com/book/ch4-8.html

And that’s it. Now we could enjoy top secret resources keeping, sharing and managing. It’s not the most secured, but it’s secured enough for us.

If you have a better approach, please let us know by commenting.

Happy working and happy securing!

  1. https://github.com/shadowhand/git-encrypt

  2. http://gitolite.com