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Octopress-cc-license Chooser Plugin v0.1.0 Release

“Open” is one of Teracy’s most important values. We promote open source projects on our development path.

For open source projects, we have open source licenses. For other “creative” resources such as our blog posts and documentation, Creative Commons1 license is used.

To choose2 and add Creative Commons license to octopress3 posts easily, we created octopress-cc-license plugin. This is the first release milestone as of v0.1.0 with “basic configuration for cc license allow modification, allow commercial uses and icon styles.”

What’s next? For v0.2.0 release, we would like to support:

  • cc_license_license_jurisdiction
  • cc-license chooser for individual posts
  • use tag plugin instead of template

For details, please head to: https://github.com/hoatle/octopress-cc-license/issues?milestone=2

We hope that this plugin is helpful for your octopress blog posts. Happy blogging!

  1. http://creativecommons.org

  2. http://creativecommons.org/choose/

  3. http://octopress.org