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Teracy-django-html5-boilerplate v0.2.0 Release

It was planned that teracy-django-html5-boilerplate v0.2.0 would be released by Sep 20th, 2013 and we’re very glad to announce v0.2.0 release 5 days earlier. This release includes many exciting changes.

The first exciting change is that (almost) all provided assets from html5-boilerplate1 v4.3.0 is included and handled (except .htaccess is not included and 404.html is not handled yet). All the included resources could be overridden and the instruction is on the project README file.

The second exciting change is that this release introduces python style check with pylint2, pep83 violations report and unit test report via nosetests4. These reports help us to have a better view at the project’s health and quality as reported by jenkins5 at: https://ci.teracy.org/job/django-html5-boilerplate-develop/PYTHON=System-CPython-2.7/

The third exciting change is that javascript source code files are included and returned on the page if the site is running on debug mode with debug context processor configured. We think that this is very helpful to debug and fix bugs more easily.

The last but not least exciting change is that we found out and fixed a bug at the last release minute. It should have been included in v0.1.0 release. It was a mistake from unit tests and not thorough testing. We learned this lesson very hard and it should not occur anymore.

So what’s next? We expect to release v0.3.0 by Nov 15th, 2013 with page context overridable, bug fixed and improvements. We’re very close to v1.0.0 release – the first public production-ready release that we’re all working on.

We hope that this would be helpful to your django project.

$ pip install teracy-django-html5-boilerplate and happy hacking!

  1. http://html5boilerplate.com

  2. http://www.pylint.org/

  3. https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pep8

  4. http://nose.readthedocs.org/en/latest/

  5. http://jenkins-ci.org/