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Free Bootflat UI Kit for Sketch

Why Sketch?

Sketch is a powerful tool designed entirely to do UI. It’s a young graphic program when compared to Photoshop but we see its user base’s growing strong. Centered around vector design, Sketch is getting plenty of buzz among UI designers as an alternative to Adobe’s Creative Suite. With Sketch, designs come out pixel perfect and in vector format, a requirement for multiple screen sizes.

You may not believe how much time this application have saved us when designing UI. It’s simple, fast and so connected to the way designers work. You definitely should give Sketch a try in your next project. There are already a lot of articles about how Sketch excels in designing UI. Here to name a few:

Bootflat UI Kit

At the beginning, Teracy planned to develop its own UI kit and framework based on bootstrap. It’s a great experience but developing and maintaining the UI kit will take time. Clock’s still ticking. We have to release one of our ambitious products by the end of this year. So, we’ve come to decide on finding an open source framework that matches our flat designs.

And we found Bootflat – an open source Flat UI kit based on Twitter Bootstrap 3 framework. For designers, they offer a free PSD, including a set of beautiful and pure elements, which you can use to create startup projects, websites or iOS/Android Apps. This will save a lot of developing time.

There’s still one thing that’s bugging us though. As our company starts switching to Sketch for UI design, this beautiful framework doesn’t provide the .sketch file of elements, only .psd. So we think “OK, why not create one? Sketch community might find it helpful and it’s also good for creators of Bootflat.”

So here it is, hope it’s useful for Sketch lovers!

Download the Bootflat UI kit for Sketch