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First Team Building Activity of Teracy in Da Nang City

After a hard working year, the long-awaited day had arrived – Teracy’s vacation for 4 days and 3 nights. This destination reaches the Central Vietnam – Da Nang, a beautiful and bustling city with the fresh atmosphere and taste of the sea.

It was not simply a vacation but also a team building activity for Teracy. Although Teracy has just come into operation with relatively few members in the North – Central – South, this trip is even more meaningful for all Teraciers. It was the first time all the members met together to experience moments of fun, and relaxation side by side, so everyone was very excited :)

The journey should always have a good preparation to make sure to have a perfect trip. Just like the other times, I encountered many difficulties and took a lot of time in preparation for the trip.

The most difficult thing was to find a place for travel. It seemed a simple job done, but quite hard for me when carrying out the plan. As the members of the Teracy live in different regions of the country, the destination must be convenient for travel, have many beautiful spots, be easy to hold team-building activities and suitable to the budget. After careful consideration, we decided to reach Da Nang, a Central beach full of sunshine and wind, and a young city. Da Nang is also the mid region of the country and be able to connect the members from three Vietnamese regions of North-Central and South.

Next, I needed to book flight tickets for members and search for a hotel. The hotel should be center, comfortable, but at reasonable price.

I also needed to find out specialties in Da Nang, what and where to eat, give the detailed schedule for the trip.

Phew! Everything was well done in the end. We were towards Da Nang together!

4 day 3 night journey begins!

Day 1

When walking down the airport, just at dusk, I felt the taste of the sea, fresh air, cool peace of the city, unlike the crowded bustling scene, and hot summer in Hanoi. We arrived at the hotel at 6.30 pm, did check-in procedures, relaxed and chatted together. It was the first convergence of the Teraciers, (unfortunately, some members could not join) but we all felt so familiar and close. After moments of unceasing talk, all of us felt very hungry. To the coastal city, of course, the first dishes we chose were seafood. As planned, we tried the seafood in a pretty cool and clean coastal restaurant. The menu had wide variety of options, all look tasty. How I could find myself enjoy such delicious dishes in Hanoi. Until now, I still remember the fresh delicious favor of Tamarind crab, steamed prawn and crab on that day.

After the meal, we walked along My Khe beach. The murmur of the wind and the waves was singing to welcome us. A soft sea breeze kissed our face and a salty warmth blew into our face, which dissipated all the tiredness of hard working days. The wind was still blowing and the waves were still crushing onto our bare feet, with the cheerful voices and laugh of people.

Day 2

Indeed, it was an unlucky day for us. After visiting Son Tra Peninsula in the morning, we took a nap until afternoon (I guess because we stayed up late playing cards last night). We went eating around 3 pm (well, I actually didn’t know if it was considered as lunch or dinner). As planned, we would go to play paint-ball after the meal. However, all of a sudden, it started to rain so we couldn’t play. Instead, we had to switch to go swimming when the rain was over.

In the evening, we went to eat veil. When telling the taxi-driver the address of a restaurant, he said it was so hard to find that new street name so I told him to take us to another restaurant. Unluckily, the restaurant was closed or moved to somewhere. In the end, we decided to eat “Pork Rolls” instead. After that, we were eager to go to play bowling for pleasure, however, we were disheartened by seeing the sign “suspend operations to fix”. Eventually, we turned to visit “Sun-Wheel- the world’s fourth-largest one”.

Linh Ung Pagoda – Son Tra peninsula

Day 3

Fortunately, all activities took place as our schedule. In the morning, we played the challenge game “waterfall slide” to challenge ourselves with rushing water, along with stones having different sizes as obstacles to give us the sudden collision and to make the game more and more adventurous. It was really a funny and adventurous game.

Prepare for sliding waterfall

After that, we went to enjoy the specialties here, such as, fried brook fish, boiled chicken, stocky wild boar meat and stir-fried wild vegetables with a little acrid, and strange taste. In the evening, we had real comfortable moments at “Phuong Dong” bar. This was our second option because we were not in proper clothes to come into “Sky 36”– our first option.

Join the exciting atmosphere at Phuong Dong bar

Day 4

In the morning we went to play paint-ball game. It was a quite interesting team game. We also wore as soldiers, looked very majestic. We had 6 people, divided into two teams. All were ready to fight!

Prepare for playing paint-ball game

After the game, we returned to the hotel, relaxed, and checked out to visit Mr Phuong’s house – a colleague who lives in Da Nang. It was the last night in Da Nang, we must take advantage of the worthful time to try other specialties of Da Nang, sat drinking coffee, and looking at the peaceful night city.

The next morning, everyone got up early, packed up, went out for buying gifts for relatives and friends, and then went to the airport. Good bye Da Nang and colleagues who live in Da Nang and Saigon! Return to Hanoi after this trip, I miss Da Nang and my colleagues very much, miss the moments with Teracier together, miss the murmur of sea waves, white and smooth sands, the salty sea breeze, the memory of the pure and pristine morning, especially miss the people and the specialties of Da Nang.

The trip was not as successful as expected, but it helped the members of Teracy become close and understand each other better. It really brought us the great moments.

See all Tereciers next year – in the second team building activity of Teracy!