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Teracy-dev v0.3.0 Release

Creating an isolated consistent development with a predefined consistent workflow is always our goal of development, that is the reason why we create teracy-dev. It is a virtualbox virtual machine (VM) that is provisioned by Chef1 and managed by vagrant2. Today, we are very happy to announce teracy-dev v0.3.0 released after more than a year of development and usage.

We have used vagrant and Chef to provision a common VM for all our developers. It saves a lot of time and is a very cheap operation to destroy and provision a new VM again in minutes with the exactly defined provisioned software packages.

We are now using Chef to provision a VM with nodejs, mysql, php, coldfusion for a client to develop a wordpress, a coldfusion and a MVC client (using backone.js with Grunt build), and it works great.

Normally, it takes several days for new developers to install every packages on their machines and they must follow instruction guide, but not anymore with teracy-dev. Every new developer just needs 2-3 hours to get the dev VM provisoned for the first time (to download the basebox thanks to vagrant cloud) and it just takes less than 1 minute to $ vagrant destroy and $ vagrant up later again – this is a very cheap operation.

teracy-dev is really a general-purpose development environment for all developers for all platforms (nodejs, python, java, php, mysql, posgreSQL, mongodb) built-in and you could extend more by using Chef to create more cookbooks or recipes for it.

However, we still have performance problem with shared folders. It is still quite slow and painful on Windows host machine. We are going to fix this problem on the next version (v0.4.0).

docker3 is very promising and we’d like to use it for our workflow at v0.4.0, too.

Please stay tuned for our upcoming exciting release version.

Have a nice day and happy coding!


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  2. http://www.vagrantup.com/

  3. https://www.docker.com/