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Kubernetes-stack v0.1.0 Release

It’s been more than two months since we introduced the inception of the kubernetes-stack cookbook from the blog post How to extend teracy-dev to work with Kubernetes and today we’re very happy to announce its very first milestone release.

What’s new?

This milestone release helps us to manage the installation of these packages: kubectl, helm, and gcloud automatically.

These are the client packages which are used to communicate and to work with the Google Cloud Platform, Google Container Engine or any other Kubenertes servers.

You can install, remove any valid versions of those packages onto Ubuntu or CentOS platforms and more supported platforms will come.

What’s next?

This cookbook is designed to provide utilities for us to work with Kubernetes stack, so the next milestone will introduce kubernetes resource to set up and install Kubernetes server which should work the same as Minukube with better developer productivity enhancement. This will allow our developers to have a quick local deployment test with k8s on their workstations.

By using this, we can save a lot of server cost, reduce testing time and speed up delivery time of application deployment.

Developers will understand Kubernetes more deeply when they can do whatever they want with it. It’s very safe! They can destroy and set up a new deployment anytime they want without causing any harm to their co-workers.

You should check out how it should be used with teracy-dev at https://github.com/acme101/dev-setup/blob/develop/chef/main-cookbooks/acme/recipes/k8s.rb

I hope that this free cookbook could make your lives easier when working with Kubernetes: https://supermarket.chef.io/cookbooks/kubernetes-stack

Happy hacking!