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Teracy Happy Birthday Slack Bot

Getting everything automated is one of my daily tasks, such as running tests automatically each time there is a new commit, packaging products and sending them to customers, or deploying the staging/ production servers when a project manager releases a new version, and more.

Today my task is something quite different: Congrats team members on their birthdays automatically by the data got from Google calendar. After a little search, there are many automation solutions to do it: from commercial Zapier, IFFT to opensource like Huginn. I want something simple to use, maintenance-free, and free for small usage, so my last choice is Zapier. It has already had the recipe1 to read events from Google calendar and another action to interactive with Slack that will be easy to start (although the document of the recipe is not quite clear for a new user like me). Here is the recipe for Zapier:

With this recipe, Zapier will notify to the #_general slack channel with the message got from the calendar description at the time of the event start. To make thing more interesting, I want to attach a birthday cake image which has an employee name on it along with the message so I use PHP GD to show a dynamic birthday cake taking the employee name from the calendar title and add it to the image. It took me 30 minutes to get the birthday cake image which has space for the text, choose a font and add it to my script. Finally, uploading it to our server and here is the result:

This PHP script2 along with the Zapier recipe above makes the birthday reminder more interesting. What I’m thinking now is some funny fortune teller texts which are added randomly to the cake, a lucky draw game for the team members to pick up their birthday gift and hopefully some online merchants will open their API for our script to bring the gift to our team members’ homes.

  1. https://zapier.com/zapbook/google-calendar/slack/

  2. https://github.com/teracyhq/birthday-image